Sunday , 22 September 2019

Microsoft Azure Stack


Azure Expert

I use a lot of spare time to extend and upgrade my knowledge. IT is moving fast so it is key to stay up to date. A very good place to do this is Pluralsight. Not already on Pluralsight? you should! You can try it for free. Get a subscription fast! Do this through the following link an get a ... Read More »

AzureStack TiP tests


When you have been playing around with the Azure Stack public preview 1 you probably noticed that in your Azure Active Directory some extra users have appeared. Also, next to this, when you take a look at the virtual machines in virtual machine manager on your host, you might have noticed  that there are sometimes more VM’s with a GUID ... Read More »

Hardware Requirements Microsoft Azure Stack


Microsoft announced the Micrsoft Azure Stack (MAS) last year at Ignite. It is the newest solution for building an on-premise Cloud environment. A lot of information about this solution can be expected on this blog. Do you want to try the new Stack yourself as soon as it will become available in public beta? Watch the video of Jeffrey Snover ... Read More »