Sunday , 22 September 2019
MS teched 2014 is near

MS teched 2014 is near

This year the Teched is in Houston, Texas.

I have visited a lot of teched’s in the last few years. Being a system center guy i lately visited the MMS. Unfortunately the MMS is no more. Instead the MMS content is being added to the session list of teched.

Resulting in a mindblowing over 600 breakout sessions. See the content list here.  Although i  will visit the management sessions this is also a change to go to some other content. Difficult i am affraid because of the number of great sessions.

Oh.. by the way. there is also a lot to do at houston. The tickets for a game of the Houston Astro’s against the Texas Rangers are allready waiting.

Looking forward to seeing you all, learn a lot of new stuff, and talking to the MS community.  I know a lot of Dutch IT guys will be there….

If you like get in contact through my LinkedIn profile and perhaps we will meet.

See you in Houston!

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